P.W. INTECH  sp.j. (unlimited company) specializes in realization of devices, tanks and assembly of stainless steel and acid-proof installations.

We offer service for:

  • food industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry


We are the producer of short series and single units, devices and tanks for individual orders of customers.Our company disposes of very well-equipped back-up facielities.
We employ well experienced staff, including highly qualified welders and highly skilled assemblers. We have the entitlements of the Office of Technical Inspection within the scope of production and repair of pressure equipments.


All pressure devices and tanks are produced in accordance with PED 97/23.

Our priority is to fulfill the exspectations of our customers.



Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe INTECH sp.j.

33-100 Tarnów, Poland
ul. Kochanowskiego 30
tel./fax: (14) 630 06 16
tel./fax: (14) 630 06 17